5 Differences in Valverde and Enrique Tactics in Barcelona

5 Differences in Valverde and Enrique Tactics in Barcelona

5 Differences in Valverde and Enrique Tactics in Barcelona

Ernesto Valverde actually made an early impression in Barcelona badly. However, in fact so far his tactics may be spelled brilliant than its predecessor, Luis Enrique.

Valverde’s first job in Barcelona ended with a 1-5 defeat on aggregate by Real Madrid in Supercopa de Espana. This had led to a sense of pessimistic supporters of El Barca.

However, the native Spanish coach chose not to listen to the criticism of the other side. The proof, Barcelona brought perfect in four games La Liga.

The four matches were swept with four wins, scored 11 goals, and only once conceded. On the contrary, Real Madrid has gone through two draws, and can not win at home.

From there it is seen Valverde tactics begin to run. In fact he is said to have a better game than Enrique.

So, what are the differences? Here’s the list quoted Sportskeeda:

New Role Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi
When Luis Suarez arrived in Barcelona to join Lionel Messi and Neymar, it was Messi who sacrificed his main position. This is the first step to form one of the most terrifying trio in football history.

Now, Messi is directed to play more to the middle, no longer widened. This is a familiar position in 4-3-3 systems. The role of false 9 is played by Messi.

Under Luis Enrique, the role of Messi is more on the wing, however, Valverde orders Messi to play at the attack center.

As a result, Messi has now been involved in a goal every 60 minutes. He has packed 5 goals and 1 assists in four league games and 8 goals in total.

Suarez Got a Role Similar to David Villa

Luis Suarez
Suarez may be wearing a number 9 shirt in Barcelona. But he may no longer play in that position, unless Messi is rested or injured.

Many are expecting Valverde to push Messi back to the right after Suarez recovered from injury. However, Valverde persisted with Messi in the middle while Suarez somewhat to the left.

The impact on his appearance was instantaneous. The Uruguayan striker initially struggled to get involved and did not have the ability to beat the defender when he had a chance to get behind the opponent’s defense.

But that does not mean he will be limited to the left side like Neymar. His role will shift to the middle when Messi down far to pick up the ball. That’s how he finally scored a goal.

This is designed to disrupt the opponent’s defense because the pattern of Barcelona attack is unpredictable. This tactic is designed to ensure at least one of Suarez and Messi find space to work together.

This is similar to the role of David Villa while developing in Barcelona with Messi. He is more of a role as a supplier striker and diversion defender opponent.

Press Again Since in the Middle

Under Valverde Barcelona is no longer playing safe and just spinning in defense while waiting for opponents out. Now, they always just do the pressing and more open through the ball fast leg to foot.

Now the whole team is pressing without exception. Even Messi is required to go down to the middle of the field to put pressure on opponents.

It was invisible when Messi was under Enrique. Because Messi at that time just be a ball carrier without having to seize the ball. This is the key to Barca so far can make his opponent hassles since in the middle.

Ivan Rakitic Start Tokcer

Rakitic has had a tidal career since coming from Sevilla in 2014. Though the first season in Barcelona, ​​he is considered a hero in the treble season.

However, last season he played away from expectations. Under Enrique, Rakitic is not played with his strength.

Without the right-back specialist on the side, he was forced out to the right to extend several times. This is done so Messi can freely work with Suarez.

As a result, his role becomes slightly reduced and Barcelona is difficult to create chances. But with Messi now in the role of False 9 and right-back filled Nelson Semedo, Rakitic is able to give all his energy to play in the middle.

He now has the freedom to dictate the game and also send the ball into the box as Barcelona are in control of the ball. The way he works with Messi to beat the offside trap is also promising.

Adaptation Without Neymar

If there is one thing that Valverde does not have like Enrique for three seasons is Neymar Jr. The Barcelona boss only has a chance to work with him on a pre-season tour.

He watched from the sidelines as Neymar destroyed Madrid in El Clasico and then the player went to Paris Saint-Germain for 220 million euros. The MSN trio were disbanded in the blink of an eye and Valverde initially struggled to overcome all of them without the Brazilian on the left.

The most obvious disadvantage is when they struggle to dismantle the defense of Real Madrid in Supercopa de España. The newly imported Gerard Deulofeu can not have an instant impact.

But with Suarez moving left and Messi into the middle, Valverde needed the right winger. Of course, Ousmane Dembele was the answer and Valverde managed to do that.

But the disaster comes after the Frenchman now needs surgery and will be out for 3-4 months. In fact, he has shown the potential for a working relationship with Messi and Suarez in the derby against Espanyol.

Losing Neymar may not really be felt until Barcelona play a more difficult opponent. But they have proven it all in a 3-0 win over Juventus in the Champions League.

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