De Rossi: Juventus Have No Weakness

De Rossi: Juventus Have No Weakness

De Rossi: Juventus Have No Weakness

Daniele De Rossi stated that while Juventus have no weaknesses, Roma will continue to struggle to win the title of champion Serie A.

Roma have not won the Scudetto since 2001, but De Rossi has signed a cons with the Giallorossi for the next two years and he hopes the title will belong to his team and not his rivals in the end the Bianconeri are crowned champions.

“Totti? I always feel sorry for him, he will never be himself, “said the veteran midfielder to the media ahead of the International Champions Cup against Juve on Tuesday.

“But we must move, he will face a new situation and we will also advance, it is not a problem at all, although many things will be different if without it. He’s an amazing friend.

“Juve? It will be a real and important match in our pre-season preparations. Serie A? What is clear when I started playing in it, the level is already high and there is an example of it for my team, pointing to Maldini.

“Then now also can be seen that the teams are also qualified. Our football has grown for 3-4 seasons and the bar is on the rise.

“When facing Juventus in the League, you are about the real difficulties that exist within their team: their defense is tough and the other lines are well organized.

“They have no weaknesses, so it will not be easy when facing them.

“Will I be happy if other teams win championship titles, like Napoli? Of course not. If Juve did not win it, I want us to be the team that did that.

“It’s difficult to deal with Juve, but we keep trying and I want to keep fighting for the next two seasons.

“Italy? We have a compact team and Ventura can do something similar to Conte at the 2016 European Cup.

“We could be one of the main competitors like 2016 ago, or maybe a little more fortunate …”

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