Donnarumma Considered the Shame of Learning Systems in Italy

Donnarumma Considered the Shame of Learning Systems in Italy

Donnarumma Considered the Shame of Learning Systems in Italy
The AC Milan goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, is considered to be putting down the learning system in Italy after failing to take the school’s graduation exam. The goalkeeper prefers to take a vacation to Ibiza, Spain.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is still 18 years old, which makes him still have to go to school. Currently, he is enrolled as a student at the Leonardo da Vinci accounting institute in Vigevano.

Indeed, Donnarumma must take the graduation exam in June. However, Gianluigi Donnarumma entered in the Italian squad that appeared at the U-21 European Cup. These conditions make the school reschedule a special time test for Donnarumma.

However, Donnarumma actually did a surprising act by choosing a vacation to Ibiza, Spain, than finish his studies.

Donnarumma’s actions were criticized by the President of the Examination Commission in Italy, Professor Elda Frojo.

“Donnarumma’s behavior is a form of disrespect for the learning system in Italy and has smeared the face of the school and his friends,” Professor Elda told ANSA.

“Donnarumma has been relieved to take a follow-up exam because of his participation in representing the country, but he prefers going to Ibiza with his lover.”

“In addition to Donnarumma, there are 57 other candidates who also have to undergo the test, some of them have family problems.”

“However, they still come to take exams, they have done their duty,” the professor said.

The news about Donnarumma’s absence in school exams made him more cornered. Currently, Donnarumma is still the main news in Italy because of the affairs of his contract with AC Milan who have not met the intersection.

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