Egy Maulana, Hero of the U-19 National Team is Humble

Egy Maulana, Hero of the U-19 National Team is Humble

Egy Maulana, Hero of the U-19 National Team is Humble

Egy Maulana Vikri became the catalyst when the U-19 national team defeated Myanmar 2-1 in the opening match of Group B AFF Cup U-18 at Thuwunna Stadium on Tuesday (5/9/217).

In a state of urgency because left behind 0-1, Egy showed his ability to buy all the goals of Indonesia U-19 national team.

The first action comes in the 71st minute. Egy gore ball throbbing results of Myanmar goalkeeper to cancel Myat Kaung Khant’s goal.

Youth born in Medan, July 7, 2000 is then showed the technique and maturity in the third minute of injury time. Stabbed the left side of the opponent’s defense, Egy off the left foot shot to the far post that led to a goal victory.

Despite playing a big role, Egy refused to be called the hero of the U-19 national team Indonesia. He was referring to this accomplished victory together. “Glad we won, we achieved it because the team game, not my individual,” said Egy.

Like Ronaldo and Zidane

Egy figure has attracted attention when winning Jouer Revelation Trophee when U-19 national team follow Toulon Tournament, last June. Chosen for being the most influential player for Indonesia, Egy successfully equaled the achievements of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane who brought home the same award at a young age. Previously, he also won the best player while following the Gothia Cup in Sweden last year.

Egy Maulana Vikri while winning the Jouer Revelation Trophee. (Dock PSSI)
Indra Sjafri is a figure who found it in 2012. At that time, Indra saw the extraordinary talent Egy who was 13 years old.

Since that time, Egy always called to the national team. He strengthened the Indonesian national team U-14 upbringing Mundari Karya in 2013, and the U-16 team in 2015 led by Fachry Husaini.Egy Maulana, Hero of the U-19 National Team is Humble

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