Italy Need More Training for World Cup

Italy Need More Training for World Cup

Italy Need More Training for World Cup

Italy coach Giampiero Ventura admitted his side are not good enough to appear in the 2018 World Cup It was delivered after bending Albania 1-0 in the final game of Euro zone Group G qualifying on Tuesday (11/10/2017).

According to Ventura, what his team needs right now is not a mental improvement, but more training time. With the 4-2-4 scheme he applied, he said, the players need to get used to increasing the practice.

“The current Italian team is definitely not good enough for the World Cup. But we will fix it, “Ventura told Sky Sport Italia.

“But every time I call a player, I’m only three or four hours with them,” said the 69-year-old coach.

However, Ventura remains confident his side are back on the right track after winning over Albania. The result led Italy into the best four runners-up in the European zone, and entered the 1st pot in the play-off draw. That way, Gli Azzurri will face a relatively mild opponent later.

“When held 1-1 by Macedonia, our game declined in the second half with a very low intensity. But we showed good mentality against Albania and we controlled the game, “Ventura said.

Meanwhile, Italy’s only goal scorer, Antonio Candreva, insists that the Italian victory does not just happen. He called for Italy to come together ahead of next World Cup play-off match.

“Victory is never something that happens by itself. We talked, we realized we had to reunite and be solid against the play-offs. Now we are just waiting for our opponent, “said the Inter Milan winger.

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