Spalletti Comments Icardi and Napoli

Spalletti Comments Icardi and Napoli

Spalletti Comments Icardi and Napoli

Inter coach Luciano Spalletti spoke with local media after securing a thrilling 3-2 win at Derby della Madonnina against AC Milan.

“Icardi is amazing, because he has successfully completed all his chances. He knows what the best he should do. He knows how to be responsible as a captain. In the second half, Montella managed to make changes and we can not overcome them. Then a penalty kick? I did not analyze it, but I totally disagree with Montella thinking. ”

On Saturday night, second place in the standings, Inter will face Napoli, the club’s first league position, “Last year, Inter ended the season away from Napoli in the standings. The points we already have will be beneficial to us.

Can we take advantage of the midweek game when Napoli against Manchester City? Is it true that no one can beat Napoli? We are currently focusing on midfield against Napoli.

We will go to Napoli and will compete there. They are a solid team. Sarri is doing something extraordinary, but it’s all over. “

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