Three Reasons to Defend Ibra Will Be Bad For Manchester United

Three Reasons to Defend Ibra Will Be Bad For Manchester United

Three Reasons to Defend Ibra Will Be Bad For Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic did play a vital role for Manchester United last season after he became the club’s top scorer  Agen Judi Online. Unfortunately, the injury must stop the productive Ibra action at Manchester United and he should park at least until December.

Despite the injury, rumors circulating Swedish veteran striker is rumored to be getting a new contract at Manchester United. Of course, from a public point of view Ibra is not the right choice.

Ibra has to miss the half-season and he’s 35 years old now – though Ibra has proven his age is not a barrier for him – getting a new contract becomes a controversial decision. Here are three reasons why United should not renew its contract.

Ibra’s statistics are not as good as expected

When looking at individual Ibra statistics at United, he can not be considered spectacular. He scored 28 goals in 46 games and played in Community Sheild and League Cup.

However, from the broader context there are statistics that make it unpopular. Premier League official stats show he wasted 18 good odds. The record was five more than Bournemouth striker Benik Afobe and Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.

In terms of finishing, Ibra is in sixth place. Some other disappointing statistics Ibra most series (15), least won (17) and at least scored (of 54 chances).

For the sake of young players

Changes are taking place at Old Trafford. Players like Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic certainly provide inspiration for young players. However, if they are constantly playing at Manchester United of course time to play young players are getting reduced.

Lukaku will like his decision to refuse Chelsea. The 24-year-old is the most appropriate age to understand the responsibility of being one of the greatest clubs in the world. He works with young United players, Rashfrod who offer speed and strength, something that Ibra can not offer anymore.

And again, the reputation of Paul Pogba as the world’s most expensive midfielder tarnished with poor statistics Ibra about taking advantage of opportunities. Pogba is a creative midfielder, but sometimes Ibra is too slow to understand Pogba’s intentions.

The end is not sweet for the King

Ibra status as a great modern player has existed long before he set foot to Manchester United. But now the time is coming to an end. The current situation may be like ‘Ibra will not stop and this injury reminds him that he is getting old’. This is also why he began to decline last season, even these signs are already visible when he was still in uniform PSG.

Ibra’s injury is not kidding, double ligament damage is not due to tackle, but because he was wrong in landing. What made this more serious, he missed at least half the season. Half a season if he remains forced into a part-time player, it’s not at all effective.

Ibra deserves to leave Manchester United, the right place for him is MLS, this will provide the perfect end for him rather than playing in England with the risk of injury is very big.

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