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ECOWAS Parliament has the privilege to stabilize political crises in the sub-region—Speaker Guinea Bissau

Speaker of Guinea Bissau Rt. Hon Cipriano Cassama

Speaker of the National Assembly of Guinea Bissau, Rt. Hon.  Cipriano Cassama said lawmakers in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament, are in a privileged position to stabilize the political crises in the West Africa sub-region.  

According to him MPs need to focus more on preventive measure as well as monitor the situation in the various member states, than using the fire-fighting approach at the last minute. 

Rt. Hon Cipriano endorsed the idea of citizens within the Community electing lawmakers to the Community Parliament, as well as taking steps to resolve daily problems of the Community, and commended the Community lawmakers for achieving a lot of significant results after the adoption of their Supplementary Act. 

Community Parliament in Abuja-Nigeria

In an address at the ongoing First Ordinary Session for this year of the ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja-Nigeria, he noted that some of the works of the lawmakers are to play oversight roles in decisions taken by the Authority of Heads of States and Governments. 

And if this is done, many of the crises would be detected in their early stages to avoid their escalation and “we have to accept standards of good governance to set an example and display responsibility in a clear manner so that we can always intervene as required”, he said in his remarks at the plenary.  

Again, he called on the lawmakers to look for ways of improving the living conditions of the populations and focus their attention on their missions stating that it is very relevant that ECOWAS should play primary role in all these circumstances. 

“And with the support of ECOWAS, it’s important for women to be empowered and the youth developed and increases public policy that would stimulate progress. Where there is no sustainable development it means we are failing in our duties”. 

MPs from Guinea Bissau with colleagues

He gave an endorsement to the election of ECOWAS MPs, as a way of representing the citizens and a way of legitimating representing them. “I propose an advisory body which would serve as the lower chamber and their role is to resolve conflict in the sub-region and also advice the Heads of States and Governments”. 

And further advised the House to encourage MPs to participate actively so that what they do would be to the benefit of our community, transform the organisation to a very strong and dynamic one and very interactive one to eventually resolve the problems of “our societies”.  

He believes the Community Parliament is doing all it can to consolidate democracy in the sub-region, but the region is still experiencing serious setbacks. 

In 2021 there were political crises within our countries; terrorists attack in the various point in our community, the sorry image of our countries and the difficulties to resolve the problems of our continent, these are examples of causes of constant crises in our communities. 

And there is the urgent need to try and ensure we have a lasting solution to arm violence, and other forms of  violence that damages our communities, delays development and destroys our infrastructure that inspire fear and instability in our community. 

“It’s very important we adopt our laws, treaties and respect them; we should uphold them to prevent all these series of crises”. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com/Abuja-Nigeria 

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