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ECOWAS Presidents are not doing enough peer review themselves—Liberia Senator


Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay of Liberia serving in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament has said Heads of States in the sub-region are not doing enough to peer review each other in upholding the democratic tendency. 

According to him he is surprised that the last summit of Heads of States held in Ghana H. E. Umaro Sissoco Embalo was in attendance, “what did the Heads of States tell him; did they talk about his action of dissolving the Parliament, how do we say we are protecting democracy when people are trying to undermine it by their actions?”. 

Mr. Kaipay during an interview said he feels at the level of the Heads of states, they need to be more robust; it is their colleague. And queried what the stands of the heads are on issues, in Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali and Burkina Faso, and wonders if they discussed these issues when these leaders met the council Ministers and Security councils.

He called for issues to be made clearer if we have to protect democracy. “They are the legislative body but if they take a decision in Abuja Nigeria, “who would enforces it, is the Authority of Heads of States; we should build the check and balance system, we should respect each other, we should see democracy as a holistic engagement not when it is in your favor you turn your back, and if not the clock is not giving the right time”, he said.  

He noted that at the last Extra Ordinary Session and Ordinary Session in Abuja, looking at achievement in democracy over the last year instead of making progress there is retrogression. 

In the mid-1990s and 80s there were a lot of coups around West Africa whiles in 2000 till now there is more democracy emerging countries, Mali Burkina Faso and Guinea Conakry coup amount to three countries with half which is Guinea Bissau because of the dissolution of the Parliament. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com/Abuja-Nigeria

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