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Member of the LIberian delegation Zargo

Abiante advocates for the Liberian government to fund its health sector than rely on donor   

As Liberia presents its country report at the plenary at the Community Parliament in Abuja-Nigeria, a member of the Nigerians delegation to the fifth (5th) Parliament, Awaji-Inombek D. Abiante is advocating for the Nigerian government to take interest in funding its health sector internally than depending on donors. 

According to him about seventy-one (71) percent of the health funding comes from outside the country from donors. “I do not know if you want to mortgage the health of your people to donors trusting that people would give you money”. 

In the Country report, seven (7) percent from domestic revenue and the rest from individuals support the health system.  

In an interview he questioned about what if the donors stop supporting since they also have economic challenges. “I want the Liberian lawmakers when they get back to their country to re-think, seek ways of properly funding the health sector, before it becomes an emergency”. 

And added that he does not know how many primary health centers they have and specialist health institutions they have: if the funding comes from outside they may not give them enough to do the foundational issues.  

Mr. Abiante again, emphasised that as a member of the Community Parliament everybody within the committee is either his brother or sister, it is his responsibility to speak up on their behalf. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com /Abuja-Nigeria  

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