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If we don’t have the numbers let us close for Ghanaians to know -Agbodza


‘Punctuality crusader’ in Ghana’s Parliament, Governs Kwame Agbodza has chided his colleagues for being the cause of late start of proceedings in parliament.

Bringing the issue to the fore once again in an interview during the post budget workshop in Ho, Mr. Agbodza said it would be better they close and go home for their constituents to know, than waste precious times in the House for nothing.  

According to him when Ghanaians visit the chamber and it is supposed to start at 10:00am but rather start at midday, it is disappointing, unless on exceptional cases; but when it becomes a ritual of starting late, it becomes a worrying situation.    

“We do not start on time, and most of the times it is not about the Speaker not being there early”; adding that this concept of Ghana man time must stop. “I would not give up the fight, I would try as much as possible to put up with the fight” he added.   

Mr. Agbodza promised to elevate his crusade and added that people feel it should be simple majority present in the chamber, but for voting the constitution says with at least one half of the members present; in other words half of the two hundred and seventy-five (275) should be available for them to take decision. 

“Anytime we get to the House on Tuesday and we do not have half of the numbers, I would block it by raising a constitutional issue until we all respond to time; I do not believe the Ghanaians inherently is in capable of doing the right thing in respect of time. If you cannot respect time, you cannot do anything in life, as life has to do with time”. 

Again, imagine when God created us and decide that one person can sleep for six hundred years before he wakes up, and the other one can sleep for only two hours; how would the world have been? Our whole being is premised on time. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ecowasnews.com  

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