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Make fertilizers produced in the sub-region available to farmers – Bedzrah


As the Ukraine and Russia war continue to negatively affect import of fertilizers to farmers within the West Africa sub-region, a member of Ghana’s delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament, Emmanuel Kwesi Bedzrah is advocating for fertilizers produced within the sub-region to be made available to farmers instead of exporting them to Latin America.  

According to him the ECOWAS Commissioner in charge of Agriculture, Environment and Water Resources should work out a mechanism where Dangote fertilizer Group, Indorama, OCP and ICS in Senegal would make their products available to farmers in the sub-region.   

Mr. Sekou Sangare, in a presentation to the plenary on the topic, ECOWAS initiative in Agriculture, Environment and Water” pointed out that the above fertilizer companies that produce in both Nigeria and Senegal export more than eighty (80) percent of their produce to Latin America. 

In his contribution after the presentation on the floor of the House, he noted that he is worried about the Russia- Ukraine war as it has affected the sub-region so much to the extent that even getting fertilizer for, “our food crops has become a problem. Page 14 of the report says you have a group of manufactures in the ECOWAS Region, Dangote Group, OCP Indorama who are producing fertilizer 80 percent are exported to Latin America. Whiles,  waiting for fertilizer from Ukraine,  “it does not make sense to me at all why can’t we as a region get in touch with these groups that are producing fertilizer in our ECOWAS  region to support our agriculture farmers than depending on Ukraine and Russia?”. 

He further pointed out that, one does not know when the war would end, “what can the Commissioner do to get the Groups get us fertilizers instead of exporting it to Latin America?” 

Mr. Bedzrah thanked the Commissioner for coming up with a hydrological map for the ECOWAS Region indicating that this would help all of us, especially those in the hydrological sector to know the various water levels and water in their countries. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com /Abuja-Nigeria  

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