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Nigeria did not close its borders to bully other sister countries – Ahmed Idris Wase

Member of Nigerian Delegation

The Frist Deputy Speaker of the Community Parliament, Ahmed Idris Wase on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 mounted a very strong defence of the action taken by Nigeria some time back to close its land borders due to the dumping of imported rice, smuggling of arms and old vehicle into the country.  

According to him as a presiding chair at the plenary he is a Nigerian citizen despite the fact that the President of the ECOWAS Commission did not categorically mention the name of Nigeria in his response to the question asked by his colleagues. 

His assertion that some countries closed their land borders despite signing to the ECOWAS protocols of free movement of goods and services, “everything was pointing out to Nigeria in this discussion and I have to response as a citizen of Nigeria in my individual capacity”.   

Again, he thanked President Buhari for the measures taken to end dumping of imported rice into Nigeria and even the ECOWAs protocols frowns on that. “We should tell our countries to do the right thing; Parliamentarians should not act as if one is trying to be stubborn no”. 

“Nigeria has not been stubborn, we have been humane and been there for our sister member states, we would be there but first as an MP I would always go with my country, in terms of obeying basic protocol rules when they are set. The basic thing is about security”. 

He further pointed out in his remarks that he has had such a discussion with the Commission President on the subject matter,  “do not use your front line country as a means of transporting arms into our  country illegally and old used vehicles, you are aware every county has its rules and regulations. Do not bring a vehicle that is more than five years but you use your costal line to do that because you gain economic benefit to dump it on us. This is what I want the president of the Commission to know because,  we want to do the right thing and ensure we respect our protocols”.  

According to him as a big brother they are concerned about the stability of the sub-region and as Deputy Speaker of his country he has briefing and was privy to things, as the closure of the border hinged on security issues. 

“I can confirm to you we have video evidence; there were many arrest done. Within the ECWOAS protocol, yes,  there is free movement of person  but that does not permit you to send goods and services  not produced by your country to another country but rather what is allowed  is the goods and service that you produce yourself”, he emphasised.  

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com/Abuja-Nigeria

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