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Fatoumatta Njai exiting Parliament, but vows to get in more female MPsv

Hon Njai interacting with her colleague

The only Female lawmaker representing the Republic of Gambia in the Community Parliament, Fatoumatta Njai said after her second term in the Gambian Parliament which ends in 2027 she would not long contest but exit the Legislative arm of government.    

According to the Independent Member of Parliament (MP) from the Gambia, when she exits she would ensure the seat she currently occupies is taken over by a female.   

As to what figures she was looking at, she revealed that if she can have ten (10) that would be a plus. “In the next election, I am looking at 2027, I would try to get at least 20 female MPs; we hope for the best”. 

She recounted in an interview that with her campaign that got her re-elected she had a team of fifty-eight (58) and out of that thirty (30) of them were young girls, the eldest in her team was thirty-three years (33). 

Hon Njai interacting with clerk of her national Assembly in Abuja

“I believe in catching them young and succession, so I am working on who would take over from me. I am going to make more female MPs rather than just me seating in the Parliament,  I would create three or four me that is what I believe in anyway rather than occupy one seat, I believe in having more seats that I would create”. 

Madam Fatoumatta Njai after holding on and not granting interviews after her victory, opened up in Abuja – Nigeria at the 2022 Frist Ordinary Session and pointed out that, “this is going to be my last in Parliament”, in a very calm voice and smile. 

And further added that, she was pleased with how ECOFEPA is going now by reaching out to young girls trying to encourage them to walk the talk and look up to them, and we are also doing it in our individual countries. 

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com/Abuja-Nigeria

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