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I hope Togo would send back, third Deputy Speaker as our next speaker”—Fatoumatta

Third Deputy Speaker

Women empowerment crusader,  in both the Gambian and the Economic Community of West African states (ECOWAS) Parliament, Fatoumatta Njai has expressed hope that the Republic of Togo whose turn it is to occupy the seat in the 6th Parliament after 2024 would do the honour to bring back the current third deputy speaker.   

According to her whiles at a delocalised meeting in Liberia, the then third deputy Speaker from Togo was a male when he was being replaced, she granted an interview to our reporter and prayed the replacement would be a female.  

“The Republic of Togo heard my voice and brought in a third deputy speaker in the person of Madam Memounatou Ibrahima, whom I pray would come back in the next legislature as our speaker and a female”.    

Madam Madam Memounatou Ibrahima

Again, she pointed out in an interview that, at the just ended 2022 first Ordinary Session when the plenary witnessed tension on the floor, she maturely and motherly controlled the tension on the floor of the House.  

And was quick to add that, “I am not saying that a male could not have done same, but it’s the female touch that neutralised everything and it was just natural for female leaders to really for that route”. 

Madam Njai added that, “mothers have maternal touch empathy that they put themselves in a situation they take that feeling and embrace it and ensure they treat,  you the way they expect to be treated.  I really applauded the way she handled the Session anytime she was in the chair”.  

On the female representation, she pointed out that she was not happy with the numbers, the first time she joined  the Parliament,  “we were 25 out of 115,  we went to 22 and now we are 19 minus Guinea of course they were two females Mali again they were two and Burkina one”. 

She pointed out that, they are  five female short which is a lot because they  are crying for more and if they  should have five less, then that is a big deal, “so I urge and appeal to our countries to respect the thirty (30) percent, but then again we need our political parties to respect this”. 

Additionally, she said, women can also be encouraged to go independent and contest if political parties would not offer them the opportunity.  

 “I went out there, fought it on my own, and got it as an independent candidate, so what is stopping others from going independent; but then again I think we should start building that confidence, in the youth, young girls, young women.”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ecowasnews.com/Abuja-Nigeria

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